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A local congregation was the inspiration for eMemorialBoard.
Their methods for doing this consisted of local computer applications and paper records.
We decided to create a portal to remember and honor their past families and friends.

The idea was born that would enable a universally accessible portal for managing the congregation's memorial lists.

... eMemorialBoard provides such a portal.


In three simple steps, build and customize your own website using eMemorialBoard. Choose from many styles, or design your own to show your congregants what your memorial board will look like.

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You will be able to add, edit and otherwise maintain your memorial list.

eMemorialBoard enables you to display each memorial with multiple photos, an epitaph and biography, as well as military and burial information.

Using your own unique web address, you will be able to display your eMemorialBoard online. Your page displays the memorials according to their date of passing. The list mode is searchable by name or date.


Place a large monitor in your lobby or similar space.

The KIOSK mode of your site automatically scrolls through the lists of memorials based on your criteria.
Sample memorial boards (click to view)