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A local congregation was the inspiration for eMemorialBoard. We wanted to create for them a portal for remembering and honoring past families and friends. Their previous methods for doing this consisted of a consortium of localized computer applications and paper records.

The idea was born that would enable a centralized and universally accessible portal for managing the congregation's memorial lists.

eMemorialBoard provides such a portal. It can be accessed via the internet and enables a kiosk like display, which can be located in a place of honor within the congregation's premises.

The various display modes lent themselves to a flexible configuration based on the mode of operation and the faith parameters of the congregation.

eMemorialBoard is also a self-correcting site, where visitors can both request updates to the details of the memorials and also requests new memorials to be added.

All these functions fall under the supervision of the particular site's adminitrator. This enables each site to control the content that it displays.