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The Service

This is a detailed outline of what is included in your eMemorialBoard, and the restrictions of the test drive account before you subscribe. At the bottom of this page, you can see the pricing structure.

FeatureTest DriveSubscribed
General Functions
ADVERTISEMENT FREENoUnder Customer Control
Kiosk Mode - for automatic refresh displayYesYes
Customize your memorial with one of many available designs.YesYes
Create personalized website address.YesYes
Sends e-mail notifications ahead of upcoming memorial dates to defined list.NoYes
Add and share photos in a photo gallery.YesYes
Intuitive Visitor interface.YesYes
Each Memorial Includes DOD, Name, Hebrew name, Hebrew DOD, Epitaph, Biography, Burial Location, military status and other informationYesYes
Automatically convert between Gregorian and Hebrew dates.YesYes
Enable Congregations Notices on the site.NoYes
Enable Sponsor Notices on the site.NoYes
Visitor Functions
View Kiosk ModeYesYes
Search memorials by English or Hebrew nameYesYes
View List by Gregorian Month of deceased dateYesYes
View List by Hebrew Month of deceased dateYesYes
Sort memorial list by First Name, Last Name or Hebrew NameYesYes
Sort memorial list by Gregorian Date or Hebrew DateYesYes
View details of selected memorialYesYes
Request addition of new memorialYesYes
Request to update details of existing memorialYesYes
Send email to AdministratorYesYes
Administrator Functions
Mass upload of memorial listlimit to 30Yes
Photos associated with each memorialmax. of 5max. of 5
Control what is displayed on Kiosk pagepartialYes
Display today's memorials on Kiosk pageYesYes
Display this week/month's memorials on Kiosk PageYesYes
Choose between this week's or this month's memorials on Kiosk PageYesYes
Choose between Hebrew and Gregorian Calendar for today's and this week's or this month's display modeYesYes
Manage Visitors' requests for updating/adding memorials YesYes
Add/update/delete memorialslimited to 30Yes
Manage administratorsNoYes
Select background and other images which define your eMemorialBoard siteYesYes
Update list of Burial LocationsYesYes
Update list of Plaque LocationsYesYes
Pricing (monthly rate)
Base rate for up to 500 memorialsN/A$28.00
Incremental for each memorial from 501 to 2,000N/AAdd 3.6 cents
Incremental for each memorial from 2,001 to 10,000N/AAdd 2.6 cents
Incremental for each memorial over 10,000N/AAdd 1.6 cents
Termnot to exceed 30 daysMonth-to-month
Payment ScheduleN/AAutomatic monthly using Credit Card
Optional Build Assist (one time fee)
We will build your initial eMemorialBoard with you and help you upload your first batch of memorials.N/A$95.00