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1. Can a Test Drive Site be converted to a Subcribed Site?
2. What is the difference between a Test Drive and a Subscribed site?
A Test Drive site is free, but is available for only 30 calendar days. Also, it can only contain a maximum of 30 memorials. The other differences are spelled out on the Service page.
3. How is the pricing structured?
We use an Incremental Pricing Structure. The full pricing levels are simple and fully described on the Service page. The logic behind our pricing structure is to provide fair pricing which would not be available if we used a Tiered Pricing Structure.
4. What is the purpose of the Test Drive?
We provide this to enable you to see how our site can suit your organization and how you can attain the look and feel that you prefer.
5. How do I convert a Test Drive to a Subscribed site?
There are two ways of doing this. When you are logged in as an admin to your Test Drive site, you will have a link that will take you to the Subscribe page. You can also go directly to the Subscribe page from this web site.
6. Will the settings I create in Test Drive still be available in the Subscribed site?
Yes. Subscribing keeps your existing site, and only unlocks all features that are restricted on a Test Drive.
7. How can I contact eMemorialBoard support team?
When logged in as an Admin, go to Support on the Admin menu. From this site, go to the Contact page.
8. Can visitors to my site update the memorial information?
Visitors may submit a request to the administrator to make changes to a memorial. Only a site administrator may modify memorials.
9. Can visitors to my site insert a new Memorial?
Visitors may submit a request to the administrator to create a new memorial. Only a site administrator may add memorials.